YARN – the chat fiction app that makes our kids read – really?

If you have ever been given a friend’s message thread to read and found it intriguing, then you may have an idea why Yarn is more than exciting for our screenagers, despite it being anything BUT appropriate.

What is Yarn?

Yarn – Chat Fiction is a subscription-based fiction story app that includes stories based on text messages, videos and even Fake social media accounts like TikTok and Instagram.

Users read the stories as if they’re peeking at other bite-sized, text- and image-based conversations.

Some stories are heavy on horror, while others are steeped in sexual content or violence. Some stories on Yarn are based on celebrities such as LeBron James and the Kardashians. Depending on the story, there may be sexual innuendo, violence, and some drinking and drugs mentioned.

After a seven-day trial, users need to sign up via a subscription to see images and access more stories. Read the app’s privacy policy to find out about the types of information collected and shared.

Is it Safe?

This App is rated  17+ on the App store, and we tend to agree – so much adult content, all of the time. The language used in text messages is exttremely adult and there is HUGE focus on horror, violence and sex.

How Does it Work?

From the main page of the app you can sort content by subject, as well as categories like “sexy,” “love,” and more. 

Some of the titles of specific content include “Send Nudes?”  and “Sexting.“ For the text message stories, users simply click on a title and are taken to a fake texting screen. As you keep tapping, the messages keep coming in, enabling you to “read” an entire story.

Why is it so appealing to our screenagers?

The tag line of Yarn is “Ever wanted to snoop through people’s conversations and not feel guilty for it?” As per always, our younger teens are enticed and the age restriction seems to be overridden by curiosity, arousal and horror while reading someone else’s messages.

After a seven-day trial, users need to sign up via a subscription to see images and access more stories, often about their favourite celebs.

Klikd Verdict

We all want our children to read, so when YARN popped on the scene as the app that encourages reading, we at KLIKD were ready to clap. But pretty soon it emerged that the fiction on offer is really nothing more than kids voyeuristically scanning a simulated WhatsApp thread, that for the most part hosts highly sexualized or extremely violent content.

The Yarn App spins stories so extreme that even they have made the age restriction 17+. After a seven-day trial, users need to sign up via a subscription to see images and access more stories, often about their favourite celebs. The intrigue is high, the return is low.

KLIKD verdict: A clear NO

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