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This holiday… ditch the screen time battle and play in their lane

Holidays…at long, long last. What a year it has been. Of course, we all want great family time and plenty screen-free moments, but holding connection as the goal, at Klikd, we thought it might be fun (and actually lend to some great family time) to step back from the ever- present battle over the devices this December. Instead ,why not step in a little closer to see if you can have some tech fun together? Here are some ways how:

  1. Put your hand up for a game or two
  2. Like anything with teenagers, if you can get into their world, then you can connect with them. This is a huge holiday for video games with new hardware. Even if you can’t play (or your teen won’t let you!) just hang out and watch for a while. Of course, playing with them counts for plenty as well.

  3. Ask questions about what tech your teen pervs over
  4. Be curious, non-judgmental and ask light open-ended questions. For example
    “If you could pop a genie out the bottle, what new technology would you line up for at midnight?”
    “What is it about this device/watch/earphones etc that really grabs you?”
    Just for a little bit, stay away from the chat about cost, necessity etc. Live in the dream with them for a while.

  5. Set up a FUN Family WhatsApp group for those hilarious YouTube/Tiktok clips
  6. We all have family groups for logistics, lifts and bleh messages, but set one up for fun stuff only – see what your kids post. Let them see you have a sense of humour too.

  7. Ask you tw/een to share their favourite app – take it for a fun ride on your own phone.
  8. With some free time this holiday, download an app or two your t/ween is using. Take them for a spin and have some conversations about your experiences. Take a risk, have a laugh and maybe use an app you would never have considered necessary.

  9. Enlist your favourite GenZ teen to get you up to scratch!
  10. Ask your teen to:

    Set the privacy settings on your own Facebook/Insta page.
    Install your wireless printer or help you set up good sound.
    Set you up to record your favourite series.
    Get all of those icons off the screen of your laptop and into fabulous neat folders.
    Delete that your old email account that has been co-opted by phishing scammers.
    Put all apps on all devices
    Upload a house security app.
    No doubt the list is endless.

  11. Find their sweet spot off the phone.
  12. Pop a message on the family group saying you are going to a new sports shop, looking to try a new nail polish, making a cake … see who shows up. Just do it without begging for participation. You might have to send a few ‘invites’ before you hit their sweet spot but it takes the battle out forcing them off their screen to join you.

  13. Go in clear: set the ground rules before the holidays
  14. Be clear on your device values before the holidays begin (check out the Kikd smartphone contract to help you establish some ground rules here). Have a ‘ground rules for the holidays chat’. Show them that you trust them to make it work by pulling back on the finger wagging and fury.

    And then….. get your G and T.. and breathe…

Stay connected,

Happy holidays from Sarah and Pam

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