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The Klikd App
imagining Cyber Safety Education

An interactive app giving tweens and teens their SOCIAL MEDIA LICENSE: all the skills and knowledge they need to use social media successfully, safely, and happily.

A brand new approach
to cyber safety education

Screens are here to stay and we need to find ways to keep our screenagers safe, responsible and happy online, without the fight! The Klikd app equips your kids and teens to navigate the digital world successfully, without resorting to fear-mongering and screen-time battles.

At Klikd, we have done all the work for you.

Based on extensive research on how tweens and teens learn, we have designed an interactive, fun online experience, designed for optimum engagement.

Take A Look Inside...

Covering everything from how to manage tricky people online, cyberbullying, online reputation to phone addiction and so much more, each module contains multi-faceted components to keep t/weens engaged throughout the learning journey.

Online chat

Our immersive online chats based on real-life online scenarios, give tw/eens an immersive learning experience which makes them think “this could actually happen to me!”

Bite-sized chunks
of information

All the Klikd app content is broken up into micro-bytes of information – easily digestible and oh-so engaging by our screenagers.

Self-reflective quizzes and
moments to pause

Throughout the app, users have moments to pause and take a break and refocus, encouraging healthy and productive technology use.

Learners are frequently directed to self-reflect on their own online strengths and vulnerabilities, encouraging a mindful approach to social media.

Card games and
multiple choice

We have stayed away from boring tutorials and tests and use bright, colourful quizzes and card games to test knowledge.

Real teen interviews
with our Z Talks

Our Z- Talks (like Ted Talks – get it?!) interview real teens about their online world to really bring the messages home for your screenagers. 

Presented by teens
for teens

The app content is presented by teens for teens so that the messages really resonate. No more adults telling your screenagers how not to mess up online!

Emoji animated

No more dull tutorial videos – our animated videos with teen voiceovers resonate with our screenager’s online world.

What you get with the Klikd App

Screen-wise kids
and teens

- T/weens ages 10-15 complete 14 modules of the Klikd App in their own time over year or in a class context.

- After completing the modules, t/weens receive their "Social Media License".


- Practical tools for ongoing conversations on your teen’s online world.

- Receive regular bite-sized updates on important social media issues and concerns.


- Use Klikd as a complete digital citizenship curriculum.

- Stay updated on new apps, social media trends and critical cyber safety issues.

A positive psychology approach to learning

We have stayed away from adult fear-mongering, shock tactics or disdain for our screenager’s online world, that many traditional cyber safety education programmes use. It is well researched that learners are now deaf to these  messages. Instead, we use a positive psychology approach to learning.

With the KLIKD app, our screenagers are engaged at the starting gate!


Fun interactive learning
modules broken up into
bite-sized chunks.

Plug and Play

The Klikd App can be done anywhere, anytime. The content is easy to follow and self-explanatory so students can simply plug in their headphones and view it on their own (at home or in class).


Every module requires input by your teen from interactive quizzes to games to challenges to self-reflection exercises.

Its all different

No one module has the same setup - from online quizzes, interactive online visuals, vlogs, chat simulations, the content is designed to keep screenagers guessing.

Learn from anywhere, anytime

The Klikd App can be completed at your own pace, from anywhere: at home, at school, on a phone, tablet
or PC.

Teen Speak

Content is all presented by teens for teens, and includes real-life scenarios around sexting, cyberbullying and online gaming so that teens can hear the message in their own language.

No adults telling them what to do

We have intentionally stayed away from the didactic approach to learning, and instead, worked with our professional team to make sure t/weens get that feeling “this could actually happen to me.”

Original never before seen video content

We don’t use other people’s Ted talks, podcasts or articles to deliver the message. The content is fresh, new and produced entirely by Klikd with our production team, teen actors, voiceover artists and animators!


A new app that everyone’s downloading? A new and dangerous TikTok challenge? WhatsApp scam? The Klikd App is constantly updated, making sure t/weens are aware of and know how to manage any tricky online scenario.

Launch Special

Latest ebook 'Parent Conversation Starters' (usually R129.00) free with each sign up


R450 per learner per year. That's it (bulk discounts available)

What does a yearly subscription to the Klikd App get you?

Parents who download the Klikd App receive:

  • A year’s access to the Klikd App content downloaded on your device and/or your t/ween’s (depending on age and preference)
  • Regular bite-sized updates on any new important social media updates and apps
  • The Klikd PARENT CONVERSATION STARTERS e-book, the ultimate guidebook you need to foster open, honest conversations in your home around your t/ween’s online world

Schools who subscribe students to the Klikd app receive:

  • A year’s access- to the Klikd App content for both educators and learners (appropriate for Grades 5-10)
  • Optional opt-in weekly WhatsApps directly to parents from Klikd on new apps, important social media and cyber safety issues and conversation starters
  • The Klikd EDUCATOR GUIDE & CONVERSATION STARTERS E-book – the ultimate guide to using Klikd in a classroom setting as an LO curriculum

Teens who download the Klikd App receive:

  • A year access to Klikd app.
  • Completion certificates after each module.
  • Their Social Media License certificate after completing all 14 modules
  • Regular updates on new apps, trends and social media developments to be aware of.

The Content

What makes speaking to strangers online appealing and how to be aware of your own online vulnerabilities

How to spot it and respond critically

What goes on in the teenage brain that makes sexting appealing, how to upskill teens to respond in the moment without losing face in their social world, and what does the law say?

What is privacy online and what is oversharing?

The many shapes of bullying online, how to be an upstander

Why we all compare ourselves to others online, what to do when you start to feel bad online

Why we are all addicted to our devices and how to recognize when this starts top make us feel bad?

General online safety tips such as creating strong passwords, private accounts etc.

How to recognise these and what to do if you or someone you know is showing these

How to put our best selves forward in the online world, including protecting our digital footprint and creating a strong personal brand.

Stay in the Know!

We know how hard it is to keep your finger on the pulse of every new app and cyber safety issue. The Klikd app takes this all off your hands. We do the work for you.

Real time updates – Content is updated on the Klikd app as soon as new apps emerge, platforms change their settings or concerning issues arise that your t/ween needs to know about.

Stay in the know – Notifications and alerts on critical cyber safety issues are sent directly to schools and parents.

is for you if:

Your t/ween uses any social media.

Your t/ween is between 10-16 (Grades 5-10). Younger kids may be able to do this with parental supervision.

You feel overwhelmed and exhausted at the idea of getting your head around all the new apps.

You don’t have the time/energy/resources to do an entire course yourself but want to know your t/ween is sufficiently prepared for the online world.

You want to foster open connection with your t/ween around social media.

You want your t/ween to be able to come to you if they are on trouble online.

You want to get rid of the battles around screen time.

You constantly worry about all of the tricky things your child may encounter online: cyberbullying, sexting, scams, predators etc.

You are worried that your t/ween may post/do something on social media now that will ruin his/her reputation down the line.

You feel that when these messages come from you, your t/ween can’t hear them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the arrow next to the question to read the answer:

Any device (laptop, tablet or mobile), an email address and WIFI. That’s it! Because the App has many videos, you will need to use the speakers from the device or headphones if necessary.

YES!!! All the current concerning areas that need to be covered in LO are dealt with plus LEGAL plus social emotional learning plus conversation starters, hard to broach topics like sexting and addition

The initial rollout of the Klikd app will target the following age-groups:

  • Grades 5-6
  • Grades 7-9 (slightly more explicit age-appropriate content including sexting and suicide)

The Klikd app costs R450 per learner per year for a year-long access to the content

If you can download an app, you can use Klikd . That being said, our technical support team is available to help if you have any questions along the way!

We’ve done the hard work for you! The App is designed for a “plug and play” experience for learners with built in instructions and prompts in the process. The Educator Guide comes complete with classroom exercises and discussions which complement and refer directly to the app.

There are 14 modules. Each module is a fun 15 minutes. How your child paces the 14 modules over time is up to him or her. Alternatively, they can do a module that grabs them at the time…perhaps they have just heard of a friend being scammed or they want dig a bit deeper into WhatsApp exclusion. Of course ,one module a week with your child is also good…feel it out with your kid.

We believe online safety and digital citizenship should be a year-round conversation. The Klikd App provides your school access to the relevant resources 24/7 so your staff can implement teachings when it best suits your school needs. Educators can revisit the material as needed to refresh learnings or to help facilitate classroom discussions. That being said, the average recommended time to cover all the modules is 20 lessons.

After successful payment of the course, you will receive a welcome e-mail from Klikd explaining exactly what to expect and what to do next, to ensure that you and your screenager get the most out of your Klikd experience

The course content is delivered in a structured and organised way making it very easy to follow along and to know exactly what should happen next. Parents will also receive the Parent Conversation Starters eBook which goes hand-in-hand with the app to foster ongoing connection and communication around the app and your t/ween’s online life.

The Klikd approach ensures that no matter whether its Reels or Roblox, Fortnite or OnlyFans, Minecraft or midnight chats that are the current flavour of the month- t/weens who have their Klikd Social Media License will have “the edge”: the Cyber EQ to live responsibly online.

Schools: Ready to
learn more?

Contact us to find out more signing up your learners for the Klikd app.

Parents: Ready to upskill
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