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Me, Myself and AI

In this talk, we unpack the benefits of AI in and out of the classroom while delving into some of the ethical considerations that plague parents as they watch their children default to AI to assist with the with everything from homework to a pop up online therapist.

Surviving T(w)een Social Dynamics

Discover the real impact of Instagram, Snapchat, and gaming on tween relationships. More importantly, find ways to help your child manage the dynamics that accompany it all. This webinar focuses on unveiling what’s truly happening behind closed doors, on devices, and in bedrooms. We provide practical solutions to combat exclusion, bullying, sexting requests, and the endless selfie obsession.

HELP! My T(w)een Loves the Screen More than Me!

In this talk co-founders of Klikd, Pam Tudin and Sarah Hoffman bring a fresh perspective to your teens and their online world. Pam and Sarah discuss how you as parents can use the new “abnormal” to re-establish who is boss, to reboot and to reconnect with your t(w)eens.

Love in the Time of Social Media: Sexting, Shaming and other Teen Secrets

‘Not my child’ is the silent prayer we send into cyberspace every day, but in reality, close on 70% of our kids will be involved in requesting, sending or seeing a sext or nude pic. In this webinar, Sarah and Pam explore the hottest but most heinous of teen currencies – nude pics.

From the Sandpit to the Slippery Slope of Social Media

One minute they’re watching Peppa Pig and the next, its Roblox, Reels and TikTok!! It feels impossible to know where to start and where to draw the line. In this talk, Pam and Sarah will help you turn chaos to calm and screen-time struggles to sensible solutions that you can use in the real world.

Sexual Grooming in Schools: Hiding in Plain Sight

With sexual grooming in the spotlight in some of our top schools and a MASSIVE increase in online grooming of teens, understanding this topic has become a NECESSITY for parents and educators alike.
In this talk, we unpack the psychodynamics, legalities and most importantly, the solutions around sexual grooming. Educators and parents leave the webinar upskilled with practical solutions to this nameless dread lurking in our school corridors and our children’s online chat rooms.