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The 5 Things Every Parent and Educator Needs to Know about Your Child’s WhatsApp Groups

Join digital parenting experts and Co-founders of Klikd, Pam Tudin (Clinical Psychologist) and Sarah Hoffman (Social Media Lawyer) in this MINI MASTER CLASS as they unpack:

Teen and Tween WhatsApp Groups: The good, the bad and the ugly –  A fresh new approach to helping your t/ween manage this tricky terrain

Pam and Sarah will give you the five essential parenting tips to upskill you and your child to:

– Manage blocking and ghosting (don’t panic we will give you the terminology lowdown!),

– Avoid sharing personal information with dodgy people (even unintentionally),

– Minimise distraction on a highly distracting platform,

– Deal with mean kids online (even if one of them is yours),

– Stand up for others without losing face.

– Manage WhatsApp’s sneaky new disappearing content feature.

– Understand what cyberbullying is (vs kids simply being mean or rude)

– Avoid getting into trouble with the law.

As a platform used for everything from homework to homies groups and everything in-between, WhatsApp can be the source of both pleasure and pain for parents and screenagers.

Join Pam and Sarah as they give you the 5 essential parenting tips to manage this fun but often tricky terrain!