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Sexual Grooming in Schools: Hiding in Plain Sight

sexual grooming in schools

“Not at my school” and “not my child” are the secret prayers that every parent and teacher says to the words “sexual grooming.” But with sexual grooming in the spotlight in some of South Africa’s top schools and a MASSIVE increase in online grooming of teens since lockdown, understanding this dreaded topic has become a NECESSITY for parents and educators alike.

In this brand-new webinar, we unpack the psychodynamics, legalities and most importantly, the solutions around sexual grooming.  Educators and parents leave the webinar upskilled with practical solutions to this nameless dread lurking in our school corridors and our children’s online chat rooms.

The talk covers:

  • How the system gets groomed BEFORE  the child is groomed.
  • What does offline coach/teacher/mentor grooming look like?
  • What does online grooming look like?
  • The unspoken key ingredients to insidiously gaining our children’s trust.
  • What are the different stages of grooming,
  • Who is a groomer? What is the profile of a groomer and what is driving this behaviour?
  • Why grooming is so prevalent in the school system
  • Does the South African Law add value in relation to sexual grooming?
  • Clear action steps for schools to take before and after a grooming incident
  • Clear preventative steps for parents can take in relation to grooming risks.
  • How to have the hard chat with your learners and kids about offline and online grooming.
  • Pragmatic protective measures for schools and parents to deal with the scourge that is sexual grooming.