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Me, Myself and AI

Me, myself and AI: Unpacking the value of AI on your child’s academic and social journey.

For better or worse, AI is here to stay! If you are wondering how AI can benefit your child’s academic and social journey, this talk is for you. We unpack the benefits of AI in and out of the classroom while delving into some of the ethical considerations that plague parents as they watch their children default to AI to assist with the with everything from homework to a pop up online therapist. We tackle ways around the default to plagiarism, the sharing of inappropriate content and the distribution of fake online images.  With a strong belief that AI can, with the right application, enhance your child’s critical thinking skills, we look forward to sharing our favourite ways for boosting your child’s performance with effective and insightful use of AI . You will leave challenged to enhance your child’s creativity, recognising that AI can be a powerful ally in your child’s academic and social toolkit.