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Love in the Time of Social Media: Sexting, Shaming and other Teen Secrets

social media talk for parents

‘Not my child’ is the silent prayer we send into cyberspace every day, but in reality, close on 70% of our kids will be involved in requesting, sending or seeing a sext or nude pic. 

In this talk, Sarah and Pam explore the hottest but most heinous of teen currencies – nude pics. They will share:

  • What exactly is sexting: where does it happen, how does it happen, and who is doing it, and most importantly WHY are so many kids and teens doing it ?
  • What drives our screenagers to send a nude: what is the real exchange, what are they thinking, feeling and hoping for in that moment?
  • What are the emotional and reputational consequences for the sender and the recipient?
  • What does the law say about teen sexting? Can my child get into trouble with the law?
  • What to do if you have received a nude
  • What to do if you have been asked for a nude
  • How can we upskill our kids to say ‘no’ without losing face in their social world?

Grab your seat and a glass of something strong. As always, Pam and Sarah promise to leave us with the real, the raw and the pragmatic in the way of both insight and tools for you and your teen to manage these tricky 21st century social media moments. 

What parents and educators are saying about this talk:

That was really fantastic and so useful to our parents. Love how you have married your two areas of interest.” – Jane Jarvis, Educational Psychologist, the Diocesan School for Schools (DSC)

Thank you for a most informative webinar. I made my 15year old daughter watch with me. This made me glad because her generation is not open to take technical advice from older parents and here she could hear from you the experts. I feel like I need to listen to it again and again.” Elisheva, parent