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Dear Smartphone, It’s Not Me, It’s YOU!

managing digital distraction

It’s the first thing we reach for when we wake up, it’s the last thing we see before we sleep. Although the tiny little tyrants in our pockets have enabled us to work from anywhere at anytime, this also means that we never have any real downtime, and most of us spend our days wrapped up in a flurry of emails, social media.

An ‘always on’ culture means that we struggle to switch off psychologically and physically, which is impacting both our wellbeing and performance. With most companies operating permanently in a hybrid model, never has it been more imperative to reset our tech-life balance. 

In a digital world where everything is vying for our attention at the same time, preserving our digital wellbeing is no longer a nice-to-have – it is a necessity.  In this presentation, we unpack:

  • Why do we feel so digitally overwhelmed right now?
  • The effect of the digital load on our bodies and brains.
  • It’s not me it’s you – how to reset clear tech boundaries when our devices control work, play, and everything in between.
  • Screens and mental health – how much is too much and what are the warning signs we aren’t achieving digital balance?
  • Are there too many tabs open in your brain? How to minimise unnecessary digital distractions to optimise productivity.
  • The importance of digital boundaries in your personal relationships.
  • Disconnect to reconnect – the importance of digital disconnection for peak performance.
  • What leading companies are doing to avoid digital burnout.
  • Psychology-based micro habits we can adopt to bolster productivity so that we can work online without negatively impacting our mental or physical health.

This talk is for anyone with a smartphone. You will leave this talk with practical skills you can implement immediately, for a happier and more productive life.