HELP! My T(w)een Loves the Screen More than Me! - Klikd


HELP! My T(w)een Loves the Screen More than Me!

social media talks for parents

In this highly acclaimed talk, co-founders of Klikd, Pam Tudin and Sarah Hoffman bring a fresh perspective to your t(w)eens and their online world. Pam and Sarah discuss how you as parents can use the new “abnormal” to re-establish who is boss, to reboot and to reconnect with your t(w)eens.

Pam and Sarah introduce their 4 C’s of digital parenting (Context, Connection, Cyber EQ and Controls), to equip you with practical and manageable ways of ensuring your screenagers are safe and happy online, and that you remain connected to them and their online lives.

Topics covered include:

  • Are there simple parent-friendly ways to protect my child online?
  • How do I stop engaging the power struggle over screens? 
  • Can my child get into trouble with the law for what he/she does online?
  • Is Tik Tok really so bad?
  • Is Roblox the innocent warm and fuzzy bear it pretends to be?
  • What to do about gaming addiction (without throwing the play station out the window)?
  • Dealing with mean kids online…..even when they’re mine.
  • How much screen time is too much or too little? Is it even relevant anymore?
  • How to have those awkward conversations – porn, sexting etc.
  • What is the fine balance between your teen’s right to privacy and your right to peace of mind?

“Thank you very much, a very wide-ranging lecture with so many different and important perspectives, and very holistic! That was great! – Raika, parent at the  Deutsche Internationale Schule, Johannesburg

That was absolutely phenomenal. Thank you on behalf of Redhill and from a mother who has learnt so much. Parents are desperate for this information on this and you both have the expertise. The presentation was so interesting , it kept us engaged throughout and I don’t’ say that lightly. Thank you both!”  –  Shelli Nurcombe-Thorne, parent and Marketing Manager, Redhill School

That was really excellent – great, meaningful content and practical application. I loved it.” –  Alex Bouche, parent and Director of Marketing, Kingsmead College 

I was highly impressed and learned new terms, and most importantly, it opened a door to my daughter’s world… I loved it!” – Parent, the Diocesan School for Schools (DSC)

I’ve just finished watching your webinar. My older child is in grade 11 and I’ve tried to attend every talk that the school has hosted, so that translates into me having attended a huge number of talks over the years. Your talk tonight was without doubt the best I’ve attended! It was rich in detail yet easy to take in and digest. Above all, it gave easy, practical advice. Thank you.” – Adam, Parent at King David Linksfield