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Help! The Screen Ate My Child: Screen time 101 for Busy Parents

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Before our little ones really start pumping the gas on the digital highway, Sarah and Pam bring their joint expertise to offer us HANDS ON, PRACTICAL ANSWERS to the most pressing screen time questions every parents asks:

  • How much time is enough screen time for little ones, medium ones, and big ones?
  • How do I set up devices for maximum safety without standing over the screen?
  • How do I stop my kid from seeing totally inappropriate stuff (sex, violence or worse)?
  • How do I select age-appropriate shows and apps?
  • How can I set screen time boundaries that my child will accept?
  • My child is starting to look pretty addicted to gaming – now what?
  • What is the right age to give my child a device?
  • How do I stop the ongoing fighting over screen time?
  • What is the best parent control out there right now?
  • What’s so bad about YouTube?
  • What to look out for in the years to come.

Join Sarah and Pam for this talk on everything you need to know about screens and small people.

Suitable for parents of children ages 0 – 7

I can’t tell you how helpful that was. I took so many notes and screenshots. In our house we are not on the same page as parents. I love how you and Pam go back and forth. You guys have such a great rhythm. It feels so natural. It didn’t feel judgemental or pushy. It was such a nice talk.. I really learnt a lot and I am excited to start the process of making my home a safer place.“ – Shani

Absolutely outstanding, I could have listened the whole night. I cannot explain how much I benefited from that.”- Jodi