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Good Bye Paw Patrol, Hello Online World – Screen Time 101 for Busy Parents

In this masterclass, Pam and Sarah discuss how you, as parents can use the new “abnormal” to re- to reboot and set up TEN MANAGABLE HANDS-ON SOLUTIONS for your favourite small people and their favourite screens.

At Klikd we are all about THE PRACTICAL ways to ensuring your kids are safe and happy online, and that you remain connected to them and their online lives.We will give you the THE WAY TO APPLY THE FOUR EASY C’S to DIGITAL PARENTING (Context, Connection, Cyber EQ and Controls).

You will leave the session with a MENU OF TOOLS in your arsenal TO IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY!


– You have a child who is just starting to live an online life
– You want to change the way you approach your kids and their screens
– You want to bid farewell to the meltdowns that come when devices have to be turned off.

In this, hour-long masterclass, we will cover the following:

· “Mom, please can I download [insert newest app/game here] ?”- how to decide whether your child can download the latest app – even if his/her friends are all on it

· How to set up the screen for optimum safety

What are the dangers of the online world we need to be aware of (predators, grooming, explicit content, legal responsibility and so much more

· With screens as the new place for the new playdates, learning and everything in between, how to REALISTICALLY control screen time without having a screen zombie or permanently distracted little person.

· How and when to introduce your child to a smartphone and how to know if they’re ready

· Basic ground rules for getting and keeping a device – how to ensure you are not held hostage by the screen

· Apps you need to know about : Youtube, Roblox, Fortnite, Snapchat and Instagram: what to be aware of and how to use them safely

· How to keep your connection with your child when they would rather build a fort on Fortnite than one in real life.

· How to successfully get your child off the screen, without the scream.

· How to start conversations around the hard stuff – accidently finding inappropriate content, chatting to strangers,

· Understanding some of the new vocab – Reels, Ghosting, Icing, Insta Queen, Snapped it, Blocked, Phished.

· How to ensure you are your child’s first port of call when things go wrong online.

· Parent oversights in the early years

· How to harness your child’s social media for good.

· What to watch out for in the years to come – the fun, the ferocious and the down-right freaky!

Suitable for: parents of children ages 6-10