From the Sandpit to the Slippery Slope of Social Media - Klikd


From the Sandpit to the Slippery Slope of Social Media

parent social media talk

In this talk, we cover the following:

  • How to decide whether your child can download the latest app – even if his/her friends are all on it.
  • How to establish the basic ground rules for screen use.
  • How to REALISTICALLY control screen time without engaging ongoing battles and temper tantrums
  • Setting up the screen for optimum safety.
  • What are the dangers of the online world we need to be aware of even early on (predators, grooming, explicit content, legal responsibility and so much more
  • When is the best time for your child to get a smartphone ?
  • Entry level understanding of YouTube, Roblox, Fortnite, Snapchat, Discord and Instagram: what to be aware of and how to use them safely
  • How to sustain connection with your child when the device is so much more appealing.
  • How to start conversations around the hard stuff – accidentally finding inappropriate content, chatting to strangers etc.
  • How to ensure you are your child’s first port of call when things go wrong online.
  • Parent oversights in the early years

Suitable for parents of children aged 6-11