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Talks for professionals

Dear Smartphone, It’s Not Me, It’s YOU!

An ‘always on’ culture means that we struggle to switch off psychologically and physically, which is impacting both our wellbeing and performance. With most companies operating permanently in a hybrid model, never has it been more imperative to reset our tech-life balance. 
This talk is for anyone with a smartphone and equips delegates with practical skills they can implement immediately, for a happier and more productive life.

Making Warriors out of our Worriers

Childhood and teenage anxiety are the scourge of the 21st Century. Nothing is really wrong but everything is wrong. This webinar contextualises the real concerns tweens and teens are facing and provides practical in-roads to allaying the monsters that live in their heads, rather than the ones that live under their beds.

The 5 Things Every Parent and Educator Needs to Know about Your Child’s WhatsApp Groups

Join digital parenting experts and Co-founders of Klikd, Pam Tudin (Clinical Psychologist) and Sarah Hoffman (Social Media Lawyer) in this WORKSHOP as they unpack: TEEN AND TWWEN WHATSAPP GROUPS: The good, the bad and the ugly – A fresh new approach to helping your t/ween manage this tricky terrain.

Help! The Screen Ate My Child: Screen time 101 for Busy Parents

If you have little ones (0-7) – in this talk, we PROMISE to give the HANDS ON, PRACTICAL ANSWERS to every parent’s screen time questions: How much time is enough screen time for little ones, medium ones, and big ones? How do I set up devices for maximum safety without standing over the screen? How do I stop my kid from seeing totally inappropriate stuff? And so much more

Professional vs Playful, Manager vs Mom – Who am I this morning?

The age-old adage “When I am at work, I wish I was at home and when I am at home, I wish I was at work” has been blurred by Covid home-work environments. How do we find ways to be both a parent and a team player when our children need us more than ever, without using the screen to pacify our tweens and teens while we struggle to meet deadlines? This webinar unpacks practical ways to keep the peace, build connection and achieve your own goals, all in one day, and to ensure that digital distraction doesn’t prevent you from doing it all.

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Kids: The Gamechanger for Surviving 21st Century Challenges

We know that good marks get your child through the door, but what keeps them there, what makes them thrive in the face of adversity, take up challenges and manage adversity, anxiety and angry outbursts. This webinar looks at that lofty ideal of “Emotional Intelligence” and teaches parents how to apply it in real world terms!