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Talks for professionals

HE, SHE, ZE, ZER, THEY/THEM – Are preferred pronouns just another social media trend?  

Whether your child identifies as straight or gay, non-binary or fluid, pansexual, pretty confused or dead clear, everybody wants to be seen, heard and understood. In 21st Century Schools, gender inclusivity has become both a powerful challenge and a crossroad-moment for parents and educators alike. Our brand-new parent and educator workshops explore practical solutions to everyday gender-related issues for ALL parents and educators.

Making Warriors out of our Worriers

Childhood and teenage anxiety are the scourge of the 21st Century. Nothing is really wrong but everything is wrong. This webinar contextualises the real concerns tweens and teens are facing and provides practical in-roads to allaying the monsters that live in their heads, rather than the ones that live under their beds.


In this webinar, co-founders of Klikd, Pam Tudin and Sarah Hoffman bring a fresh perspective to your teens and their online world. Pam and Sarah discuss how you as parents can use the new “abnormal” to re-establish who is boss, to reboot and to reconnect with your tw/eens.

Sexual Grooming in Schools: Hiding in Plain Sight

But with sexual grooming in the spotlight in some of our top schools and a MASSIVE increase in online grooming of teens since lockdown, understanding this dreaded topic has become a NECESSITY for parents and educators alike.

In this brand-new webinar, we unpack the psychodynamics, legalities and most importantly, the solutions around sexual grooming. Educators and parents leave the webinar upskilled with practical solutions to this nameless dread lurking in our school corridors and our children’s online chat rooms.


‘Not my child’ is the silent prayer we send into cyberspace every day, but in reality, close on 70% of our kids will be involved in requesting, sending or seeing a sext or nude pic. In this webinar, Sarah and Pam explore the hottest but most heinous of teen currencies – nude pics.

How to Task Manage your Way out of Digital Burnout

After a year of working from home or “sleeping in the office” and most companies switching permanently to hybrid or work-from-home models, never has it been more imperative to reset our tech-life balance. An ‘always on’ culture means that we struggle to switch off psychologically and physically, which is impacting both our wellbeing and performance. In a digital world where everything is vying for our attention at the same time, preserving our digital wellbeing is no longer a nice-to-have – it is a necessity.

This webinar gives you real tools to recalibrate your relationship with tech to lead a happier and more productive life.