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Suicide Video on Tik Tok goes viral

Not a good fewdays in the world of TikTok users.

Amongst all the happy dances, fun pranks and life hacks, TikTok allowed video footage of a LIVE SUICIDE to slip through the cracks. The graphic videos show a bearded man shooting himself with a gun.

Although TikTok is scrambling to take it offline, and banning any users who post this many of our kids have been exposed to the clip on their ‘for you’ page – a page that pops any bits of any bobs onto their screen. The video has also been spliced into videos of popular TikTok influencers or embedded into more innocuous looking TikTok videos

This is incredibly disturbing on many levels and we at KLIKD want to help you step up with what we call PARENT PREMPTIVE STRIKES: These moments allow for important conversations between you and child – ideally before they have seen it but if needs be, after.

First prize is not to let your kids be on TikTok for the next few days, but if you feel unable to curtail that, we urge you to engage your child in some of our conversation starters.

We have set these up to help you manage the next few days while the video is still running rampant online. These chats can happen in the car, over dinner, during a walk – but it is important to take the time to show awareness, understanding, insight and backstop value to your child at this time.

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