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Student talks

My Phone, My Mental Health and Me!

• What do you mean my phone is making me anxious/depressed?
• FOMO – the sticky glue between my hand and my device.
• Me? An addict? Never! – What is going on in my brain that makes stopping impossible.
• I was still scrolling at 2am! How to recognise when the device is getting me down.
• Dare to compare – everyone else’s life looks so perfect online.
• I don’t want to lose cred but please help me disconnect – practical ways to lower device use.
• Of course I can do my homework and watch Netflix – The eight power tools to manage my online distraction.

Sexting, Shaming and Other Teen Secrets

Close on 70% of t(w)eens will be involved in requesting, sending or seeing a sext or nude pic.
This talk explores the hottest and most heinous of teen currencies, nude pics:
• Why is sexting happening so much? What is going on in t(w)een world that makes this such a common currency?
• What drives t(w)eens to send a nude: what is the real exchange, what are they thinking, feeling and hoping for in that moment?
• What are the emotional, reputational and legal consequences for the sender and the recipient?
• Practical steps to manage your online reputation and digital footprint.
• What to do if you have received a nude?
• What to do if you have been asked for a nude?
• How to say ‘no’ without losing face in your social world?

Me? A Bully? Practical Ways to Manage Online Bullying

• The many shapes and forms of online cyberbullying (vs. mean or rude behaviour)
• What are some of the psychological and emotional effects on the victim and perpetrator?
• The different ways that girl bullying and boy bullying show up in cyberspace
• What is my role in all of this? – The importance of being an upstander
• School WhatsApp chat groups can get messy! – What to say (and do) when you watching a tricky online scenario
• What does the law say about cyberbullying in t/ween world?
• Creepy people online? – If they say they are someone else, does it count as bullying?
• But I was hacked! I can’t be responsible for the bullying on my account, or can I?
• Cancel culture and bullying (high school students only)

Eeek! My Reputation! Managing My Digital Footprint

• Yeh, yeh, my digital footprint doesn’t matter yet…understanding reputational damage on day one.
• Bypassing the bad guys online isn’t enough: how to develop my own positive online brand.
• I only told my bestie – the impact of sharing online info
• Putting a good fence around my online house – ensuring my privacy online
• I sent it on Snap, so it’s gone! The illusion of impermanent digital content
• The law is such a yawn – but remind again what it says about me!
• What does what I post online have to do with my school, my future university and my future boss (even though I haven’t met him/her!)
• What other people post can ruin my reputation too!

Heading onto the Digital Highway: Understanding the Power of Social Media

• I’m getting my own device (one day) but what is social media?
• Nothing disappears online – ever!
• What to do if you see something scary/weird/super exciting/awkward online?
• I only showed my best friend – sharing personal information online.
• Gaming, posting, likes – understanding my own sweet spot and weak spot online.
• Practical safety hacks to be safe, happy and smart online.
• Creep or keep – understanding that people online aren’t always who they say they are.