Screenager holiday hacks

Its holidays and my t/ween is glued to the screen all day!

As parents, we all know how deep the social media rabbit hole can be in the holidays.

So in the name of helping our screenagers to becoming ACTIVE PARTICPANTS on social media rather than just PASSIVE CONSUMERS, here’s a simple holiday hack:

Challenge them to bring one piece of news a day to discuss at the dinner table.

Whether matters are big or small there’s lots going on – currently the George Floyd trial allows for big topic discussions on racism and prejudice, but there are a many others – the Suez Canal boat closure, the choice to vaccinate, Kimmy K leaving a mentally ill husband, the ever-changing field of soccer players being bought out by bigger and better managers. The list is endless.

In return, the challenge is for you to find out one thing that is happening in teen world and bring it to the table too:

Here are some ideas…

  • Which rapper was imprisoned and was it fair? 

  • Liam Stoffberg’s choice to make a song about gratitude (as opposed to gang violence) – If you don’t know who he is –  google him and that’s a conversation in itself!

  • The 800% increase in teen gender transitions since 2009.

These chats put you and your child in a place of connection without them feeling forced into the ever elusive ‘easy chat’. Think of it as their ‘payment’ for keeping the phone for other uses – we know it and they know it but it removes the battle ground. Have fun these holidays.

Stay connected

Love Sarah and Pam @KLIKD xx

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