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Mini E-Books

In our free mini e-books we give you the full lowdown on what’s going on the heads, hearts and other body parts of our precious teens, how to talk to them about their exciting, but potentially dangerous online antics, and how to keep them safe while using these apps.

TikTok Guide for Parents

Its TikTok o’clock around the clock in every house with tweens and teens all over the world. But what is TikTok all about and do parents need to worry? In this guide, we have taken the guesswork away and put together everything you need to know about the app, and how to use it safely.

The ultimate parents’ guide to teens and sexting

70% of our children WILL be involved in requesting, sending or seeing a sext or nude. In this e-book, we cover what drives our 'screenagers' to send a nude; what are the consequences psychologically and legally for both the sender and the recipient; and how we can upskill our kids to say no without losing face in their social world?

Roblox: The ultimate parent’s guide

The good, the bad and the ugly on Roblox: everything you need to know about this game, why teens and tweens are obsessed with it and what you need to do to keep them safe.

Have you heard of HOOP

Klikd explains all you need to know about the new “Tinder for Teens,”, why it is so appealing and what you need to do to keep your kids safe if they are dating online.

Discord Guide for Parents

If your child is a gamer, be it Minecraft, Among Us, or Call of Duty – there’s a good chance she or he is on Discord. In this mini e-book, we will go through the good, the bad and the ugly on Discord, everything you need to know about the app, why t/ween gamers are so into it, and what you need to do to keep them safe.

The Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls

It's not our fault that our t/weens are addicted and are caught playing Fortnite at 2am.The devices we use and the apps we use on them are DESIGNED to be addictive. Putting controls and limits on your child’s social media use is an essential component to parenting in the digital age, but where to begin? Download this free e-book for everything you need to know.

Nifty Tools and Conversation Starters

Quick guides, resources and conversation starters to help you navigate those tricky social media scenarios

Parents' Ultimate guide to: Setting up a social media contract with your teen/tween

In this booklet we In this booklet we provide all the guidelines for a setting up a social media contract for you and your child for to sign.

Printable smartphone contract for parents and tw/eens

Download and print our smartphone contract for both you and your screenager to sign. (Read together with the Parent's Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Social Media Contract).

Top ten tips to prevent screen-induced anxiety & depression

How much does social media really contribute to your screenager’s moodiness/anxiety/stress/anger/sadness? Use these ten tips to keep social media anxiety at bay...

Top ten tips for minimising digital distraction

We are operating in a world with constant technological distractions, all vying for our attention at the same time. Download our top tips to minimise digital distractions applicable to kids, teens and adults alike!

The Klikd Guide to Overcoming Teen Disappointment during Covid

Everyone has suffered some form of disappointment and loss during Covid. For teens this is no different. Here is Klikd’s guide to helping you navigate your child’s disappointment during Covid.

The Klikd Guide to Managing Social Media and Anxiety during Exams

Klikd’s tips and conversation starters to help allay some of the added stress and anxiety that comes from screens during high stress exam periods

HELP! My tween wants to download a new app

Just as you think you understand what one app is all about, along comes a new one. As parents we often feel bullied, overwhelmed and not sure what to do. This step-by-step guide will help you to ensure you have covered all your bases to decide with confidence whether your tween is ready for the next favourite flavour of the digital world.

Is my child ready for their phone?

You know it well - the begging, the pleading, the "but I'm the last one in my class to get a phone.... " but how do you as a parent know when the time is right (or when your child is ready)? Download this helpful questionnaire.

Holiday Screen Contract for Parents and T/weens

To avoid constant power struggles this holiday, use our nifty Klikd Holiday Screen Contract to clarify the WHO (who are you happy for your child to speak to online) and HOW MUCH TIME (holidays allow for a shift in time, but not endless time, in screen use). It includes your promise to your kids and theirs to you. Here’s to a gentle, fun, happy holiday!

Your Teen Unleashed

Your Teen Unleashed gives you the inside scoop into what is going down in the heads, hearts and other body parts of our tweens and teens!
This book is your answer to understanding the world of sexting, snitches and teen witches. Better yet, it tells you exactly what to do about it…how to keep your sanity while keeping your child safe. Here at last, the practical, gloves off, toolkit to help you set the boundaries without becoming the Ogre.