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Move over Fortnite, here comes Axie Infinity!

Quick Parent Quiz -is “Smooth Love Potion” a hand-cream, an aphrodisiac or a crypto currency? Well it’s a crypto currency! What’s this got to do with Screenagers you may ask – everything!! Gear up guys – we are on a new gaming roller coaster ride. Enter Axie Infinity, the new crypro trading game our screenagers are loving.

We thought you would spare you the work and give you everything you need to know: Here’s the low down:

What is Axie Infinity and Why is it different to any game before it?

Axie Infinity is an online game in which players play to earn – nothing new there. What are they earning? Cute points, dollars, a chance to win the lotto. None of the above, they are playing to earn cryptocurrency tokens which they can trade for hard cash! You heard right – our screenagers are playing Axie to earn crypto currency called “Smooth Love Potion’ or SLP’s – WE KID YOU NOT!

How do you play?

Players can breed and battle with their Axies, as well as complete quests and farm resources. Sound like Minecraft? Well yes, (addiction factor one)and there there’s a whole economy within the game (a world called Lunacia) (addiction factor two)

Is Axie Infinity going to be bigger than Fornite? Axie Lets just say Axie Infinity generated more revenue in the past 30 days than the other top ten apps combined!

Is it expensive to play? In a word YES! Right now, the minimum price for an Axie is around $200, and kids need three to start so gamers need to spend $600 to play. Our kids are merrily sneaking parents’ credit cards to begin their Axie careers.

What else is different about Axie?

Our screenagers also need two wallets (a crypto term for a savings account) and a chunk of Ethereum (a crypto currency) before you can even buy your first Axie.

Remember cryptocurrencies are not stocks or shares – If you buy stocks in a company that produces huge revenue, you may get a share of the profit through dividends. If our teens earn or buy their new favourite ‘Smooth Love Potion’ tokens they don’t own a share in the business. The main way they can profit is through an increase in the token’s price and if you even vaguely follow crypto currencies you will know how volatile that world looks!

“Can I Quit School to Play Axie?” said every smart teen in our midst

Teens who are good at the game are earning about 4500 dollars worth of Smooth Love Potions a month –that’s a mighty fine living for anyone in rand terms but beware: The price of Smooth Love Potion jumped over 600% in a month — then halved in value!

The Klikd Verdict

Axie Infinity is taking a mighty hold on teens as it converges many of their interests: gaming, crypto investment, and of course, the glue between both those two passions is RISK! A very exciting glue for the teen brain.

Make sure you’re your teen does his/her homework if you allow them to climb aboard the Axie Infinity Roller Coaster.

Parent takeouts:

  • Agree on a budget to play with before hand! Let them earn it first so that the real value is felt (crypto is a currency you can never hold in your hand and that immediately gives an easy come, easy go feel’
  • Agree on when and how and with whom they can play. Remember the chat function on platforms like Discord allows the whole wide world to ‘meet’, greet and groom your child.
  • Download the Klikd App to make sure your screenager is sufficiently sussed for the online world including not sharing personal information, knowing what predators can look like in an online game and what to do when they feel they are in too deep.
  • Contract it all before you begin – If they can’t handle the heat and their mood gets the better of them when crypto goes down, they are not ready to play. Download our FREE KLIKD social media contract and pop in your own ‘good to go’ ground rules for playing Axie.

  • Keep the conversations going all the time. As always curious, non-judgmental conversations about your t/ween’s online world are the greatest parental control out there. You want to make sure your t/ween knows he/she can land safetly and softly with you. Here are some convo starters to kick you off:


At KLIKD we are pretty sure ‘play to earn games’, particularly those that are linked to crypto are going to be all the rage. Here lies a great opportunity for great chats at dinner about  

-the nature of investment, what it means to be risk averse or risk prone

– world trends in economies and their thoughts on digital currencies

– the decentralisation of banks,

– hard work and quick wins.

Chat about it before they even want a ticket on the Axie ride. It will  stand you in good stead (and earn you massive parent cred on the way if you raise Axie before they do. Parent cred is the ultimate non-refundable doge coin 

Above all,

Stay connected

Sarah and Pam

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