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The First Device Mini Workshop

Your ultimate GAME PLAN for managing your kids and their devices without losing your sh!@#$t!

Damn! This Device! Mini Workshop

Your ultimate GAME PLAN for managing your kids and their devices without losing your sh!@#$t!

The ultimate parenting manual that didn't come with the screen...

Sarah Hoffman and Pam Tudin

Join us, Sarah (social media lawyer) and Pam (psychologist), for the THE COMPLETE ROADMAP when it comes to your parenting and your kids’ screens.  We give you exactly ‘what to do’ and ‘what to say’ to keep your kids safe online,  to maintain manageable boundaries and importantly, to stay connected to your child,  in a scary and overwhelming digital world.

What the mini worskhop covers:

  • When should I give my child a device?
  • I have already given my kid a device and now I have lost control. Now what?
  • How do I set up devices for maximum safety without standing over the screen?
  • How do I stop my kid from seeing totally inappropriate stuff (sex, violence or worse)?
  • How do I get my child to accept screen boundaries?
  • How much time  is enough screen time for little ones, medium ones, and big ones?
  • How do I stop the power struggle E.V.E.R.Y  S.I.N.G.L.E  D.A.Y?
  • My child is starting to look pretty addicted to gaming – now what?
  • What are the basic safety requirements for YOUTUBE, TIKTOK, AND GAMING?


Join us for a gamechanger...

Have you just given your child their first device? Are you worried about their safety online? Are you already exhausted by the ongoing screen struggles you are having with your child, morning, noon and night? Are you overwhelmed by parenting in a digital world with scary and sometimes unsafe new social media platforms popping up every day? 

You’re not alone. It’s time to put strategies in place that can help you BOTH.

Watch when it suits YOU...

The workshop is made up of four x 15 minute modules that can be watched or listened to at any time – in the car, when you take a bath, under your duvet!

No set DATE, no set TIME. Watch/listen in your OWN TIME.

By signing up to the workshop, you will get  LIFE-TIME ACCESS to our videos and resources. 

What else do I get?

  • Klikd’s Power Ten: First Device Social Media Contract for you and your small person in plain, kid-friendly language
  • Klikd’s First Device Checklist: Everything from setting up smart passwords, having chats about strangers online and some important steps that may even surprise you
  • Klikd’s Eezy Peezy Guide to safety settings for Youtube, TikTok and Roblox

What parents say about the our Damn! This Device! Mini Workshop

Sign up and transform
your parenting

You will come out of this workshop with a toolkit that you can implement IMMEDIATELY:  the every day tools and scripts to ensure that your child’s journey online is safe, responsible and happy.  Our RELATIONSHIP-FIRST approach works for any child, any platform, at any age. 

Sign up today and say goodbye to safety worries,  screaming matches and screen power struggles.


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