Finally... a way that parents can sift out the good from the nasty on Roblox

Finally… a way that parents can sift out the good from the nasty on Roblox

One of the important things parents don’t know about Roblox is that it is not ONE game.

Roblox is a platform, just like Youtube. Youtube is for never ending videos, Roblox is place where our kids can enjoy never-ending video games…. When you say yes to Roblox you are saying yes to gaming of all different kinds. So at the risk of repeating ourselves, when your child asks to download Roblox they are not asking play one thing, they are asking to play many things!

Roblox is free (one of the things our kids try tell us is great about it) but like everything else that is free, you pretty much get what you pay for. Not all the games are good fit for all kids or their families. And because there are so many it is really hard for us as parents to take a look at each one before our kids ‘choose’ one on the Roblox platform.


At KLIKD we recently discovered an app called Kinjo, and it’s a total game-changer for managing our kids’ Roblox adventures. Kinjo offers a curated selection of quality, expert-approved games. No more guessing which games are beneficial—Kinjo does the heavy lifting.

Best part? Kinjo is FREE to download! You can let your kids explore safe, engaging content while earning rewards. And if you want even more control and insights, check out the Kinjo Plus subscription that also gives you a weekly report on what games they have been playing.

So what should I do?

1.         Download the Kinjo app if your child already has Roblox. This will allow them to receive games that are vetted for educational and appropriately challenging content.

2.         You could also decide to open games on Roblox together and decide with your child if it is a good one for your family

3.         Set up parental settings before you hand over the Roblox reigns to your child. Check out our our free Klikd Parents Ultimate Guide to Roblox for exactly how to do this.

4.         Limit the chat function to only those friends they know in real life

5.         Decide how much of their own money (called Robux) you will let them spend on Roblox per month.

6.         Have a chat about who their go to person will be when they come across something that makes them feel a little weird, uncomfortable or downright awful. Be advised, Roblox porn is a thing. But that is a chat for another day!!

So what should I say?

1.         Exploring Together: “I read that Roblox has a ton of different games. Can we explore some of them together and you can show me your favorites? I’d love to understand what you enjoy about them.”


Introduce Kinjo “ I heard there is an amazing new app called Kinjo that selects fun, challenging and safe games on Roblox. Let’s download it so that we can both feel good about your time on Roblox”

2. Understanding Content: “Since there are so many games on Roblox, how do you decide which ones to play? What do you look for in a good game, and have you ever come across one that made you uncomfortable?”

3.  Safety Settings: “I learned that we can set up parental controls on Roblox. Could we take some time to go through them together? I want to make sure you’re having fun but also staying safe.”

4.  Spending and Budgeting: “I see there’s something called Robux that you can use to buy things in Roblox. How do you use Robux, and what do you usually spend them on? Let’s talk about setting a budget for how much you can spend each month.”

5.  Addressing Concerns and Seeking Help: “It’s important to have someone to talk to if something or someone makes you feel weird or uncomfortable online. Who would you go to if you encountered something like that on Roblox or any other platform? I want to make sure you know I’m here, too.”

The bottom line?

Online digital behaviour is a skill-set that needs to be taught! S

What’s more is our kids have to know how to use these skills in the moment!! Hard stuff will come their way, whether it is Roblox porn, an online bullying incident or WhatsApp exclusion, life online can be complicated. At KLIKD we teach those in-the-moment skills! THE KLIKD APP for parents and t(w)eens and the KLIKD DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP CURRICULUM for schools address all the different aspects of our children’s lives.

Sign up to the Klikd App for your screenager here and

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