Intermittent fasting from your phone?!

Intermittent fasting from your phone? !

You’ve all by now read about the health benefits of intermittent fasting (albeit, many of you, with great skepticism while eating leftover pizza for breakfast). That being said, research shows that  returning to food after abstaining for a period of time leaves you feeling rejuvenated, with greater focus, energy and presence of mind.

The same is true of intermittent fasting breaks from your phone. I believe that full-blown digital or drastic moves like deleting all social media icons from your phone are not practical in the world we live in today. But I am a massive proponent of implementing mall-micro habits, which if executed repeatedly over time, can make a massive change to your well-being and productivity.

Every minute of every day we are constantly binged, tinged with a million notifications vying for our attention. Research shows that the average adult receives between 65 and 80 notifications per day! On top of that, at this current time, many of these notifications (whether on WhatsApp groups or from news sites) are the purveyors of yet ANOTHER piece of bad news or and doom and gloom. Never has it been more important to disconnect for a while. We need to disconnect to reconnect.

In a world where we are always ON, never has some down time been more important to recalibrate and remove ourselves from the constant noise around us. Its essential for our wellbeing and our productivity.

Remember, the idea of Intermittent fasting from your phone or “phasting” as Catherine Price,  author of “How to Break up with Your Phone” calls it, is meant to make you feel good – so don’t do something unmanageable. I strongly encourage just removing the device from one time period in your day/ week to recalibrate, be more present and reconnect with your self and the people around you. Choose a time of your day/ week where it actually appeals to not be “on”. If you think you can only manage 15 minutes when you finish up with your work day to leave the phone in another room – start there, and then try to repeat it at the same time each day/week! You’ll be amazed at the huge difference this small step can make.

Our new webinar “Ctrl+Alt+Delete: How to Task Manage Your Way out of Digital Burnout” provides exhausted professionals with a suite of microhabits to reset their tech-life balance, minimise Zoomzasution and maxismise wellbeing and productivity.

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