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How much screen time should I allow my tween?

A question we get asked all the time is “HOW MUCH SCREEN TIME SHOULD I ALLOW MY TEEN/TWEEN?” As much as we would love to provide a clear answer to r this question, the answer is… that THERE IS NO REAL ANSWER.

At Klikd, we firmly believe in two important concepts when it comes to screen time:

The concept of “DIGITAL NUTRITION.”– we need to pile up our “digital plates” with good stuff, with some space for “junk,” as long as this is controlled and in moderation.
NOT ALL SCREENS ARE CREATED EQUAL – This means that different online experiences have different impacts/effects on our teens/tweens and it is therefore not useful to apply the same limited hours to all screen time in general. There is a big difference in 4 hours of House Party chatting to friends in lockdown, vs 4 hours of Fortnight which is most likely to produce a disgruntled, moody and often aggressive child.

Once the basic ground rules have been set (such as no phones in the bedroom, and after a certain time in the evening), ask yourself if the time spent online is affecting your teen’s grades, moods, sleep, level of physical activity? If the answer to any of these is yes – it may be time to reign in the screen time…Download our KLIKD social media contract – a fabulous tool for laying out your expectations of your teen when it comes to phone usage.. and their expectations of you!

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