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BUT why do teens send nudes?!

“MY CHILD WOULD NEVER!!” is a phrase we hear all the time when it comes to teens and sexting. Unfortunately, sending and asking for nudes is far more common than we think. Close to 70% of guys and girls (yes girls ask they don’t just send) have been asked or ask for a nude pic!

We can no longer delude ourselves that our good kid “would never…” In fact, it is often these really ‘good kids’ that slip under the radar and before we know it, are exposed, filled with shame and feel powerless as their images go viral. So what makes our screenagers vulnerable to sexting. Bottom line, it is about feeling connected, included and at times, is simply about avoiding rejection. Here are the TOP SEVEN reasons we at KLIKD have come to understand as the primary reasons, our kids push send!!

“We are together if you love me, you’ll do this.”
“We are together and if you want to stay together, you better do this.”
“We are NOT together but if you want to be together, you’ll do this.“
“We are never going to be together but if you want to avoid conflict, shame, exclusion then you better do this.”
“You don’t know me, at all, (we just met at a party, club, mall) and I will convince you to do this.”
“You don’t know me at all and I will convince you to do this or else…”
“We are together, this is safer than sex so come, on be a sport. “

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring these dynamics together. For now, think about your child’s vulnerability around inclusion. It’s worthy of a conversation. As always, stay connected.

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