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Squid Game: everything parents need to know about the Netflix show everyone is talking about

Squid Game is the current number one show on Netflix in almost every country, has got teens (and adults) hooked! Highlighting addiction, abuse and desperation, this show has our teens exposed, front and centre to some hard-core realities. Here is what every parent needs to know and some great conversation starters for you and your Squid Game hooked screenager.

mental health

Klikd’s top tips for healthier Instagram use

INSTAGRAM, YUP IT CAN BE PRETTY TOXIC. And this week, we have heard just HOW toxic it can be…particularly for teen girls. If your child is on Instagram already, DON’T freak out.. Rather, see this an opportunity discuss ways for your child to use Instagram in healthier ways that aren’t damaging to their mental health. Here are Klikd’s Top Tips for Healthier Instagram Use.

Axie Infinity

Move over Fortnite, here comes Axie Infinity!

Is Axie Infinity the new Fortnite? Gear up guys – we are on a new gaming roller coaster ride. Enter Axie Infinity, the new crypro trading game our screenagers are loving. Here is everything parents need to know about the popular crypto trading game that all our screenagers are talking about.

social media and mental health
mental health

Is social media making your child anxious and depressed?

Is social media responsible for the surge in depression and mental health issues in young people? Do young people with mental health issues lean towards technology as a coping mechanism, or are social media and tech to blame ?

when should you get your child their first smartphone?
Digital Parenting

What is the right age to get my child a smartphone?

My child is begging me for a smartphone! I think he is too young but he is the last kid in his class to get one. What is the right age???”

At KLIKD we get asked this question daily! Ideally you want to delay as long as possible, but device readiness is not about your child’s age. Device readiness is about your child’s maturity and accountability. What does this mean and how do you know when your child is ready?

talking to kids about SA protests
conscious parenting

SA Protests : How do we talk about them to our kids and teens

As cities and social media explode with anger over the violence and looting, worried parents are struggling to protect their children from seeing the worst of the violence while simultaneously explaining the ravages of poverty, anger and long-held hurts.

digital wellness

Intermittent fasting from your phone?!

Intermittent fasting from your phone? ! You’ve all by now read about the health benefits of intermittent fasting (albeit, many of you, with great skepticism

conscious parenting

Gender Pronouns: Say Whaaatttt?!

Gender Pronouns: Say Whaaatttt?! Here at Klikd, we are seeing, now more than ever, our teens aren’t necessarily identifying with the sex they were assigned