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The backlash to Instagram is here baby! BeReal is REAL!

BeReal is an alternative social media app that tries to gives our t(w)eens a more unfiltered look at each other’s lives. The best part – BeReal has NO LIKE FUNCTION, NO FILTERS and is known for its ONCE A DAY ONLY photo policy.

Why KLIKD is excited about BeReal

BeReal is an app that encourages users to post one, and only one, photo per day (called, a BeReal) to show their followers what they’re actually doing in real time and how they look in real time! There is no way to edit or add a filter to photos, so BeReal offers a more authentic glimpse into people’s daily lives than sites where highly curated posts are the norm. And the good news is the t(w)eens are loving it!

How BeReal Works

When you download the BeReal app:

  1. You select who to “invite” from your phone contacts.
  2. You begin receiving once-a-day notifications prompting you to share an unedited photo of yourself and your surroundings within a two-minute timeframe.
  3. The notification arrives at a different time each day, preventing users from planning activities around it (so no time to pretty up, remove or alter anything to create that ‘perfect’ moment)
  4. The app then asks you to take a picture with your phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously to provide a complete snapshot of what you’re doing in that moment—whether it’s capturing your perfect eggs on toast, working at your desk, or watching Netflix with your bestie.
  5. We love the notion that our teens can send reaction selfies instead of likes, keeping it engaging and of course, more real!
  6. And what we like best…no edits, no streaks, no follower counts. So no-one can keep internal (or external) tabs of who is who in the zoo of popularity.
  7. BeReal accounts are private by default and only visible by your friends.

How Safe is BeReal?

  • Location sharing: Geolocation has to be on for the app to work. Need we say more. This means a whole bunch of people (including strangers) can ‘locate’ your screenager when you and they don’t want to be located such as at school, home or extra-curricular activities.
  • Inappropriate content sharing – there is always the risk of inappropriate pics being sent and received but this seems less prolific than on other sites where time is on your side.
  • Chatting to strangers  – if you change the default privacy setting, it is possible to share a BeReal publicly in the Discovery page (where users can see BeReal posts from all over the world).  This makes the BeReals discoverable by strangers and can encourage chatting with strangers.
  • FOMO – On a more subtle level, BeReal (like any social media app) opens the door to feeling FOMO for not being included in a group and we all know how that can pan out. The limitation on daily posts does curtail this somewhat.
  • No parental controls/ content restrictions –  In the spirit of keeping it, well REAL, BeReal doesn’t offer any parental control or content filters. It only has a reporting function available.

Why is this different to all other Apps?

The idea is to create a judgment-free environment where users get a realistic look at what their friends are up to on a daily basis, no matter how mundane or exciting their updates are. “It’s kind of like a spur-of-the-moment post so you feel like you’re really seeing what your friends are up to, not just what they want you to see.”

The KLIKD Verdict

BeReal looks like it is going to help alleviate t/ween stress over presenting an idealised version of life online. Is it risk free? No! Is it better than the likes of Instagram and Snapchat in terms of the online comparison game? Hell Yeah! It’s a ‘one and done’ thing for the day which reduces the amount of time online. And those two things alone are where the good stuff lies! So with the limitations in mind, and age restriction of 12+, it’s a CAUTIOUS YES from KLIKD

What should parents do?

  1. If you are going to allow your kids to use BeReal make sure of the following:

  • That your child keeps their account private and limits followers to friends that they ACTUALLY know (not their bestie’s brother’s pet’s ex-girlfriend’s former best friend)
  • That they DO NOT make their BeReals available on the Discovery page and therefore accessible to strangers.
  • That they are careful about sharing personal locations and information (even if this means they have to miss their post for the day!)

2. Upskill your screenager to use social media safely and happily!

Use our Klikd App to upskill your screenagers to make smart decisions online when it comes to sharing personal information, identifying creepy people online and being a responsible social media user in general. The Klikd App is a fun and interactive platform which gives your screenagers all the tools they need to use social media safely, responsibly and HAPPILY. Sign up today for screenager safety and your peace of mind.

3. Talk to your screenager

As always, this is a great opportunity for connection and great conversation. Chat to your screenagers about BeReal and hear what they think about this new (and improved?) type of social media platform. Here are some conversation starters to get you going:


  • I read an article about a newish app called BeReal. Have you heard of it?
  • What do you think about it?
  • Do you think that it is cool or not so cool that you can only post at a certain time in the day?
  • Do you think this would remove the pressure some kids feel to post good stuff all the time?
  • Or do you think it will cause more stress if you get notified to post something real and happening when you just can’t post in the allocated two mins for that day?
  • Do you think the more authentic BeReal posts will take away some of the pressure and anxiety we have (yes us adults too) from comparing ourselves to other people’s ‘perfect’ life online?

Above all, stay connected (or should we say, Be REAL!

Sarah and Pam xxx

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