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Date night with AI… and your screenager: Everything parents need to know about BARD- Google’s AI chatbot

Google Bard is the new AI powerhouse that is growing faster than your kid saying “Just one more game”. 

When you get a gap, grab your t(w)een for an AI date: Need ideas for an oral presentation in class? They’ve got your back. Looking for recommended readings? They’ve got that too. Want to research a topic from different angles? Just give them the right prompts. They can even summarise content, compare different authors, plan an exam study schedule, suggest healthy exam snacks, and help you to help them to battle digital distractions during the next critical few weeks of tests. 

AI can even provide therapy-like responses for those heartfelt questions (because let’s face it, AI is the new therapist for our tech-savvy generation!) Ask your child what some pressing issues might be for OTHER kids in their class, prompt the AI generator to give you some input on how to manage the grade bully or not making the first team in water polo. Ask your child if the answers were helpful – discuss the value of human input versus anonymous input on AI. It all makes for good critical thinking.

But here’s the twist: AI can get it seriously wrong a bit wrong and even downright offensive at times. The idea is not to remove it– we can promise you it will go underground it you do, the idea is to upskill your child to use it well, with discernment and a keen eye for answers that lack depth, insight, and sometimes even just correct facts. We know too that some of the scepticism around AI is that it will lead to plagiarism, cheating and our kids simply not applying themselves. But as the futurist Graeme

Codrington suggests, we have to think of AI as the “modern-day calculator.” Sure, upon its creation, some people lost their basic arithmetic skills, but for others, it opened the doors to mathematical wonders. The key with AI tools is to help our kids develop critical thinking skills when it comes to evaluating any answer they receive.

Remember it’s all in the prompt – if you ask for basic you will get basic. If you ask for a deeper analysis you will get that too!

So, head over to or, register, and buckle up for an AI adventure!

Here are a few tips to spice things up:

1. Give your prompt some pizzazz by providing context. For example: “My child dreams of becoming a pro horse rider. Can you enlighten me about all the gear we need and the jaw-dropping costs involved?”(You can swap horse riding with any other desired sport or even a fancy camera or phone!)

2. Amp up the excitement by asking Bard or Chat to make epic comparisons. Challenge them with: “Compare the cost of these items to the extravagant world of motor-cross gear. Give me a fancy table with all the juicy details!”

3. Fuel your hunger for knowledge and financial planning by throwing Bard or Chat a curveball with: “If I make X amount and my child contributes Y each month, now that you’ve priced these two sports, how long will it take us to save up for a fancy saddle?”

4. Verify with fun trip in real life to saddle shop of your choice: Don’t forget to double-check the information with your kid to show them that AI isn’t the ultimate oracle. Keep the conversation going and let them decide if the responses were be helpful or not.

A little note of caution: Bard has an age limit of 18plus! This changes the game.

When we looked into why, it appears that Bard was designed as a rival to ChatGPT with one big differentiator: it has full access to the internet for its information. This means that it draws from a much wider database than ChatGpt models which, on the contrary, are monitored and controlled.

Bard having access to the internet would mean that it draws from a much wider database than OpenAI’s models for instance which, on the contrary, are monitored and controlled. This implies that much of the data fed to Bard to train it is actually unmoderated, and potentially inaccurate.

So from KLIKD’s perspective, if you are going to let your child try out BARD, we strongly advise it should be with you by their side.

Whether you choose ChatGpt (a safer option for sure as it isn’t sourcing its information from the ENTIRE internet), or Bard as your AI date night, both are here to stay and so learning to take the ride responsibly, will always be where the final skill set falls. Proceed with caution, but as always, we believe these are important opportunities for discussion and connection. 

So, let loose, suspend judgement and just spend some time exploring the AI realm with your child. We can’t knock til we’ve tried it. A lot. And then brace yourselves for an adventure like no other!

For a deeper dive:

Whether your child has just started out in the online world, or whether he/she has been online for a while, learning how to navigate the tricky online scenarios, is not a skillset that we (or our kids) were born with. 

Covering everything from protecting your online reputation, Chat GPT and the world of AI,cyberbullying, online comparison, sexting (for older kids), managing digital distraction and so much more, the KLIKD App teaches our kids (Grades 4-9) everything they need to use social media successfully, safely and happily, in engaging, interactive ways. 

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