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Exam Anxiety and Social Media – Some Tips for Parents

Its exam times and anxiety is already a keen visitor in most homes. Throw in social media and our tweens and teens feel like they might pop! Here are some TIPS AND CONVERSATION STARTERS to help allay some of the stress and anxiety that comes from screens during this time: Don’t ban access – Assure […]

Are Screen Time Limits Redundant?

The eternal question that falls into the KLIKD mail box is HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH/ TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME?” In a year where the screen has become the console for conducting every aspect of our teen’s life from homework to socialising– its hard to find a household with teens/tweens where managing screen time isn’t a […]

How much screen time should I allow my tween?

A question we get asked all the time is “HOW MUCH SCREEN TIME SHOULD I ALLOW MY TEEN/TWEEN?” As much as we would love to provide a clear answer to r this question, the answer is… that THERE IS NO REAL ANSWER. At Klikd, we firmly believe in two important concepts when it comes to […]

Are there too many tabs open on your brain?

ARE THERE TOO MANY TABS OPEN ON YOUR BRAIN? Here is what our Co-Founder Sarah has to say: One of my passion areas is establishing healthy relationships with our devices, allowing us to feel more connected and present when we are offline. Over the past few months, I have FAILED. Dismally. And I think most […]

Help! I caught my child watching porn, what must I do?!

Our kids and porn – what on earth do we do? What do we say? We were asked this question earlier this week, and here is our response: Right now, there are at least at least 4.5 million porn sites on the web with 64 000 visitors per minute. According to a 2019 report 70.7% […]

Suicide Video on Tik Tok goes viral

Not a good fewdays in the world of TikTok users. Amongst all the happy dances, fun pranks and life hacks, TikTok allowed video footage of a LIVE SUICIDE to slip through the cracks. The graphic videos show a bearded man shooting himself with a gun. Although TikTok is scrambling to take it offline, and banning […]

THE SOCIAL DILEMMA -The Netflix documentary everyone is talking about

At the risk of being a little unpopular, Netflix’s new documentary The Social Dilemma, came off as a little over dramatised to us at KLIKD. Manipulating human behaviour for profit or political affiliation is not a new concept. That social media is used to affect and influence our buying patterns, voting prejudices or group affiliations […]

BUT why do teens send nudes?!

“MY CHILD WOULD NEVER!!” is a phrase we hear all the time when it comes to teens and sexting. Unfortunately, sending and asking for nudes is far more common than we think. Close to 70% of guys and girls (yes girls ask they don’t just send) have been asked or ask for a nude pic! […]