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Understanding Ghosting and Cancel Culture in T(w)een World

“He was the love my life – yesterday we were planning on going to the dance together – this morning he blocked me – I don’t know what I did!!

 Given how frequently we hear this refrain, we thought we would take a look at the “what” and the “why” when it comes to our t/weens being ghosted and cancelled online (and offline).

The Boks will be wearing purple for the World Cup Final!

The boks are wearing purple to the final! Fake News!!

HELPING OUR T/WEENS DISCERN FACT FROM FICTION Whether it’s our Boks wearing purple after the Listerine Blue debacle or new Chinese currency taking over the rand, at KLIKD we love finding tools and strategies that promote critical thinking and healthy information consumption among our screenagers. Enter the “Ground News” app and the significance of helping teens learn […]

New new about an old story: No phones in the bedroom at night

Child browsing their phone before going to sleep

NO PHONES IN THE BEDROOM AT NIGHT 📲🛌💤 Our kids will do pretty much anything to go online in the dark hours. So many parents we speak to tell us that their kids can no longer fall asleep sleep without ‘self-soothing’ using a device. Devices are the dummie and pacifiers our t/weens love best. So, […]


Children are gambling on Roblox using third party applications

YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Roblox has turned a blind eye to our kids gambling online! Well just when we thought we had heard it all, along comes Roblox gambling! Yes, Roblox’s digital currency, known as Robux, can now be cashed in by our children on online casino platforms, allowing our children to experience the […]