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Are there too many tabs open on your brain?

ARE THERE TOO MANY TABS OPEN ON YOUR BRAIN? Here is what our Co-Founder Sarah has to say:

One of my passion areas is establishing healthy relationships with our devices, allowing us to feel more connected and present when we are offline. Over the past few months, I have FAILED. Dismally. And I think most parents working from home will feel the same way. My device has been a console for conducting my ENTIRE LIFE. And the irony – there comes a point that– the very devices that are designed to enhance productivity make us less productive and feel more overwhelmed and more anxious. Our devices have become the operating vehicle for every single project we are running from our children’s birthday parties to running a major work project. It is therefore, in my opinion, IMPOSSIBLE to really recharge when the phone is around you.

And, so, during lockdown I took a big decision.. I decided to have a phone free day one day per weekend. At first I was panicked that I would miss out on important things, but, you know what – I realised when I turned my phone on 24 hours later.. I had missed out on nothing at all. Now, Im not saying this step is for everyone but I am saying this:

  • Recognise when it all feels a little much and think about whether a break from technology may help you to recoup, regroup with new energy and greater presence.
  • The devices and apps we use are designed to be addictive so without putting an obstacle in place for yourself, it is very difficult to break a habit. An “obstacle” may be deleting an app from your phone and limiting it to desktop, designating a phone-free hour with your kids, or simply removing your credit card details from an online store you are prone to impulse shop from.
  • If so – think about what “microstep” as Arianna Huffington says may help you achieve this. If leaving your phone in the car for an hour when you get home feels like too much – start with 15 minutes, recognise the reward and then add on.

The Soon to be launched Klikd App contains an entire module on “Digital Balance” – teaching tweens and teens the skills they need to develop healthy relationships with their devices and social media.

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