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About Us
We provide can-do solutions for parents, teens and tweens to use social media happily, safely and responsibly.

What we do

Klikd provides accessible resources for parents, educators, teens and tweens to ensure that social media is used happily, but safely and responsibly.

For Teens
and Tweens

We meet teens on their own terms. Our Klikd App is THE ULTIMATE tool to ensure screenagers are using devices safely and happily: think of it as a teen’s Social Media License.

From years of working with teens, we understand that teens do not listen to lectures or respond to shock value. The Klikd App creates interaction instead of lecturing, engagement instead of passive learning and the feeling of “this could happen to me” instead of detachment.

For Parents and Educators

We provide resources for parents and educators to understand the ever-changing digital landscape, keep your teens safe online and remaining connected throughout.

Our free content and parent webinars help parents and educators answer “in the moment” social media challenges with a fresh “how to” instead of “beware of” approach.

Meet Sarah and Pam:

Digital Parenting Experts

One lawyer. One shrink.
Two moms in real time with our heads firmly against the tween and teen online wall. Meet Sarah and Pam: digital parenting experts.

Sarah Hoffman

Mom of two small people – recovering lawyer – Speaker and Co-founder of Klikd

Sarah is passionate about technology and education and empowering parents, professionals, children and teens to  foster healthy and sustainable digital behaviours to ensure our productivity, performance, parenting and relationships thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Before founding Klikd, she was a director and speaker at Digital Law Company, South Africa’s thought leader in all matters related to social media and the law. At the Digital Law Company, Sarah assisted hundreds of (mostly teen) victims of revenge pornography and cyberbullying and gave talks to parents, schools and corporates across the country on the legal, reputational and disciplinary risks of using social media.

Sarah also has extensive experience in the education sector. She spent five years running the strategic communications for African Leadership Academy (ALA), a pan-African leadership academy for talented youth from across the continent.

For her sins, Sarah is an admitted attorney. Sarah’s most important job is being a mom to two very cute little people. When she isn’t running Klikd or running after the smalls, she is a wine enthusiast, foodie of note and loves a good trot on the road.


Pam is a Clinical Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Leadership Development Consultant, Parent/Child Educator and most exhaustingly, mother of two boys, aged 11 and 13. She is the co-author “Your Teen Unleashed!” a hands-on to guide to assist parents on how to best show up for your teen as they manage the online world.

She has also co-designed “EQ in a Box”, a card game to develop emotional intelligence in children. Her main passion lies in helping youth to go from good to great as they navigate 21 Century challenges, and helping parents and teachers and up their game in the face of the exciting but tricky needs and passions of Gen Z. She designs and implements programmes for children, adolescents, parents and teachers both locally and internationally.

Pam is currently writing a book on teen bullying entitled “Dealing with Difficult Kids, even when they’re yours”. She is also an international and national speaker on child-related issues. She lives with her husband, two sons and intermittently, two psychotic dogs. She loves them all, in varying amounts, depending on who still needs to be fed.


Pam Tudin

Mom of one tween and one teen – Psychologist – Speaker – Author – Co-Founder of Klikd